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Expert tree care from Seattle to North Bend

Eastside Tree Works is a family owned and operated tree company providing a wide range of commercial and residential tree services to Seattle, the greater Eastside and North Bend.

Serving you since 2005

Dedicated to the highest standards in the arboricultural industry, Eastside Tree Works has expanded greatly since Matt Rengo started the business in 2005.

This growth would not be possible without our incredible staff who work to provide safe and affordable tree care to all our customers.

SDOT requirements fulfilled

  • WA State Contractor License
  • City of Seattle Business License
  • Certificate of Insurance, with City of Seattle listed as additional insured
  • Current Annual Equipment permit number(s)

ISA and TCIA accredited

As ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) and TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association) members, ETW stays current on industry approved methods of caring for and removing of trees.

The latest tools and techniques are used with special care taken to ensure no unnecessary damage is done to the surrounding area.

SDOT Registered Tree Service Provider

Pruning trees along city streets usually requires a permit and only companies registered with SDOT (like Eastside) will be issued permits for street tree work.

All work must be done in accordance with the City of Seattle’s guidelines and specifications outlined in the Street Tree Manual. Any pruning and other tree work must also comply with all ANSI 300 standards of tree care.

Eastside's tree professionals

While these 15 employees meet directly with customers, we have many other credentialed staff who play equally important supporting roles to ensure the smooth flow of operations within our company.

Working together, our entire team is responsible for the exceptional service we deliver to our customers.

Jeff I
Jeff W

Matthew Rengo


A native to the Pacific NW, I started Eastside Tree Works in 2005 with the intent of bringing a high-quality tree service to Seattle and its greater Eastside communities.

With over 30 years of experience in the tree and landscaping industries, I use my background to continually improve the services we offer to our customers.

Married with two grown children and two granddaughters, I spend my free time enjoying the outdoors by dirt biking, snowmobiling and camping.

Jory Cuttitte

Executive Administrator

Born in Texas but raised in the Pacific NW, I am the Administrator at Eastside.

My background is in IT and as a Business Growth specialist with 20 years of experience in various small business industries, I began at Eastside in 2009 to help facilitate growth.

Eastside is truly a family business as I’m a brother-in-law to Matt (the owner) and my wife Amanda and brother Curtis also work here.

I’m a husband, father of 4 and USN Veteran who enjoys backpacking, camping and other outdoor activities.

Curtis Cuttitte

General Manager

Born in Texas and raised in the Pacific NW, I started working in landscape construction in 2001.

From maintaining irrigation on golf courses to installing water features, I worked my way up to foreman of residential landscape installation crews. In 2012, I joined my brother Jory, who’d been working at Eastside for years.

I started working on crew, then moved to project management and office assistant before being promoted to General Manager in 2015.

I’m happily married with a dog and enjoy hunting, dirt biking and snowmobiling.

Amanda Cuttitte

Administrative Assistant

A new addition to the office as of April 2019, I am the Administrative Assistant and Customer Service Representative.

As the first and last person interacting with customers, I have an extensive background in administrative and customer service-related industries and am excited to bring my skills to ETW as I further my knowledge in Arboriculture.

I enjoy the outdoors and travelling, am the proud mother of 4 children.

As part of this family owned business; I am Matt's sister, Jory's wife, Curtis' sister-in-law, my son is on the production crew and an aunt to our lead arborist Jordan.

Ron Paquette

Project Manager & Certified Arborist PN-5728A with TRAQ

I started in the tree industry when I was 19 trimming trees around power lines in Pennsylvania.

Three years later I moved to Washington state where I worked for several tree companies.

Except for a year in Hawaii trimming coconut trees, I have lived here ever since. I’ve worked as a Foreman, Training Crew Foreman, Assistant General Foreman and Contract Supervisor.

I became a Certified Arborist in 1999 and went to work for the City of Seattle Parks and Recreation in 2002.

I stayed there until I joined Eastside in 2015 and received my Tree Risk Assessment Qualification.

I’ve been married to my wife Jennifer for 19 years and we have 4 children and 8 grandchildren.

Beside spending time with my family, I also enjoy many hobbies, including hunting, fishing, archery, waterskiing, martial arts, flying and more.

Jeff Ingmire

Project Manager & Certified Arborist PN-7640A with TRAQ

Born a Hoosier, I joined the U.S. Marine Corps and worked in Sales and as a Construction Superintendent before joining Eastside, the best tree company around.

I studied to become a Certified Arborist with a Tree Risk Assessment Qualification and have also added Project Management to my job title at Eastside.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family: my wife of 26 years, our three children and one grandson.

Jeff Warrick

Project Manager & Certified Arborist PN-8788A with TRAQ

I worked as a foreman for a custom home builder for five years prior to my start in the tree service industry as a groundsman in 2008.

In 2010, I became Crew Foreman and have been involved in thousands of jobs over the years. I started doing sales in 2014 and soon after added job scheduling and crew management to my job titles.

I am now a Certified Arborist with a Tree Risk Assessment Qualification. My hobbies are anything having to do with my wife and four boys, which is why I volunteer as an assistant wrestling coach for my boys’ youth wrestling club and coached their baseball teams.

I also enjoy working around my home and property and taking trips with my family.

Jacob Rogers

Superintendent, Certified Arborist PN-8387A with TRAQ & Line Clearance Certified

I started in the tree industry by knocking on doors and hanging flyers in 2010.

While at Eastside, I have worked my way up to a Certified Arborist with a Tree Risk Assessment Qualification.

In addition, I am a Superintendent, Crane specialist and Line Clearance Certified.

Happily married with two kids, I frequently take part in climbing competitions in my free time.

Jordan Blonski

Certified Arborist PN-8610A with TRAQ, Line Clearance Certified, Master Gardener & Fine Pruning Specialist

I was born and raised in Washington state. Always passionate about the outdoors, I was drawn to tree work so becoming a Certified Arborist with TRAQ certification was the natural thing to do.

I’ve also become a Master Gardener with a specialty area in fine pruning and became Line Clearance Certified. Whether it be hiking or gardening, you will likely find me among plants.

Kent Rankin

Foreman and Line Clearance Certified

My love for heights started when I was a kid who climbed everything.

I graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in Environmental Science and got an entry level office job, which I soon realized was not for me.

In 2014, I started as a groundsman with aspirations to become a climber. By 2017 I was a foreman and while I loved my job, a trip to Washington state made me see it was a better place for tree work.

I joined Eastside in January of 2018 and was immediately impressed with the professional atmosphere.

I recently became Line Clearance Certified and look forward to refining my skills here for many years to come.

Scott Goodrich

Foreman and Line Clearance Certified

I worked in the landscaping field for seven years prior to starting at Eastside in 2012.

My job titles at Eastside include Crane Specialist and Foreman and recently completed training to be Line Clearance Certified.

I’m a proud father of a baby boy and in my spare time I enjoy hiking, scuba diving and have even climbed Mt. Rainier.

Jedd Walters

Foreman & Certified Arborist PN-8884A

I have been enamored with trees since childhood when many memorable experiences awakened my love for them.

In 2000, I started falling trees for a landowner and became a full-time climber for Coates Tree Service in 2003.

I have remained in the tree industry ever since, working full-time for several different companies until I landed at Eastside, which I feel excels all other tree companies by a huge margin.

I'm proud to say I have completed all the necessary requirements to become a Certified Aborist and look forward to the new opportunities that will bring.

Brian Tremlin

Crane Operator

I have lived in the Pacific northwest for 38 years and call North Bend home. I’ve worked at Eastside since 2014, starting off as a ground guy and worked my way up to lead ground.

My current job title of Crane Operator is somewhat unique in the residential tree industry. I feel incredibly proud and blessed to come into work every day.

David (DJ) Gans

Line Clearance Certified

I’ve been with ETW for coming up on 4 years now. Since my arrival, I’ve quickly grown into one of ETW’s most capable and skilled climbers.

With extensive training in aerial rescue, I recently became Line Clearance Certified, and look forward to continuing my advancement in arboriculture.

An expert in Single Rope Technique (known as Spurless Climbing) and hazardous removals, the staff refers to me as one of ETW’s most dedicated and hardest workers.

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