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Seattle tight-quarters tree removal

tight-quarters tree removal

Challenging tree removal?

When you need a tree removed from a challenging location in Seattle, Bellevue or any Eastside community, Eastside Tree Works is a full service tree company that'll get the job done right.

With over 150 years of combined experience, our crews have the right equipment and technical rigging to tackle any job-no matter how complex.

tight-quarters tree removal

Experienced with all the latest equipment

It’s important to have the latest technology and equipment and we have both.  We can often remove a tree without having to use a crane (which is more cost effective for you) though we are fully capable of crane removals too.

The method and equipment we use will be determined by the tree's age, size and condition.

It's all in the rigging

What is technical rigging?

It refers to using advanced climbing equipment and techniques for pruning trees and shows an arborist cares enough about tree care to keep up with the latest advances in the field.   

Proper rigging

Using the proper rigging allows our climbers access to the entire tree for the best results when pruning or removing trees. In addition, by using a high tech handsaw, we can move about easier and make cuts with more accuracy.

Latest techniques

Using the newest techniques, our arborists can move about the canopy of even the largest trees, reaching all the way to the branch tips.  Having access to the entire canopy enables our staff to trim branches by making smaller cuts, which are less damaging to the tree. 

Eastside's team of

Certified arborists

Jordan Blonski

Jordan Blonski

Jeff Ingmire

Jeff Ingmire

Jeff Warrick

Jeff Warrick

Dan Warrick

Dan Warrick

Chad Soptich

Chad Soptich

Charles Montgomery

Charles Montgomery

Tyler Puckett

Tyler Puckett



Careful precautions are taken when removing trees near homes or other structures. For a tight-quarter or low impact removal, it's standard procedure for a tree to be taken down in sections. 

Large limbs are cut, roped and slowly lowered to the ground piece by piece. This is a slow process but it safeguards against damage to property and other trees.

Free estimates

Eastside gives free, no-obligation estimates on all their tree services so give us a call about removing your next tree. 

During the consultation, we'll discuss the challenges of your situation and explain the process so there won't be any surprises when the work begins.

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