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Want healthy trees in Seattle?Our certified arborists and tree doctors can help.

Seattle certified arborist Keep the trees on your property healthy by calling Eastside Tree Works.  We service the entire Seattle area including the Eastside, from Bothell to Auburn. 

Our certified arborists are trained in the art and science of planting, care for and maintaining trees and the surrounding landscape. 

Whether you are concerned about disease, having your trees pruned to reduce potential storm damage or other issues; our arborists are knowledgeable in the needs of all trees. 

As ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) members, we are current with the latest methods of caring for and removing your trees.  To give you some added peace of mind, we are licensed, bonded and fully insured.

It doesn’t matter if you are concerned about 1 tree on your property or multiple trees; our arborists are trained to deal with both individual trees and large, complex landscape ecosystems.  We are dedicated to all aspects of arboriculture and continue to learn and expand our knowledge of local NW plant life and tree care.

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Seattle tree specialists for all your needs, from pruning to evaluations

The importance of having both an experienced and educated arborist to assess your trees is paramount as it is important to know the strengths of the wood of the tree and be able to identify if a limb is reaching further than the limits of the tree. 

Our tree doctors are ISA certified arborists who adhere to the following pruning methods to ensure your tree grows evenly for a strong and healthy structure. 

  • Trees are pruned relative to weight distribution
  • Remove all diseased branches
  • Ensure the tree is symmetrical and overall canopy shape is aesthetically pleasing
  • Limited canopy reduction in each pruning session allows for stabilization and new growth

Hazard Tree Evaluations

If you are worried about some of the trees on your property being a potential hazard, our arborist can conduct a tree risk assessment and health evaluation. 

If they are deemed to be a hazard, our report will also contain our best professional recommendation.

Why use an arborist?

Trees are an investment.  Trees which are healthy can add considerable value to your property while poorly maintained trees can be a liability. An arborist can preserve the integrity, look and safety of your trees.

Consulting and other services

Our ISA certified arborists can plan, consult, write reports and give legal testimony about the condition and/or issues concerning the trees on your Seattle or Eastside property.

These services are important where there are boundary or public safety issues, “heritage” trees of community value or neighbor issues, such as ownership, obstruction of views, nuisance problems and safety of nearby trees. 

If you need help in any of these areas or have questions relating to any of the issues listed above, give us a call.

“Prompt both in our initial consultation, and the crew's response. We had some serious concerns with several maples, and one fir.

They gave us a great quote, performed a flawless job of removing and pruning our trees, and left our yard and landscape looking better than when they arrived! Couldn’t be happier, these guys are the real deal.”

- James K.,Seattle

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