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medina tree removalLooking for a reliable tree company in Medina?Eastside offers free estimates for tree removal and pruning

Whether you need a diseased tree removed, fine pruning on your maple trees, stump removal or your shrubs trimmed, Eastside Tree Works is a full service company delivering service to all homes and businesses in the Medina Washington area.

With over 100 years of combined experience in the tree industry, our team of tree experts and certified arborists can handle any job, from tree removals in tight-quarters to those in hazardous conditions or requiring a crane. We come prepared and will do the job right.

What you need to know about tree removal in Medinamedina tree pruning

As a homeowner, you’ll be glad to know you can remove a tree or multiple trees on your property without a permit as long as there are no restrictions.

The City of Medina asks its residents to think twice before removing trees on their property. Of course, if a tree is diseased, dead or a potential hazard, it should be removed though healthy trees are beneficial to the environment. They clean the air, reduce wind and noise, slow erosion and provide a habitat for wildlife.

What are the restrictions that prevent removal of trees?

  • Your subdivision or PUD (Planned Unit Development) may prohibit removal
  • The tree is located in or adjacent to a critical area, like a wetland, stream, steep slope or geological area prone to erosion or landslides
  • Your property is subject to private covenants or homeowner associations that has other regulations

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Medina tree services

  • 24-hour emergency response
  • Tree removal
  • Crane tree removal
  • Fine pruning
  • Windsail reductions
  • Crown thinning/reduction
  • Deadwood removal
  • Thinning for light
  • Cabling/bracing
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree assessment
  • Brush clearing
  • Hazard tree evaluations
  • Certified arborist reports

Eastside Tree Works has a staff of certified arborists and skilled tree professionals ready to care for all the trees on your property.

Questions about tree removal?

If you have questions regarding tree removal at your home or business, please call the City of Medina at 425-233-6400.

Emergency service 24/7

When a big storm hits and a tree falls on your home or property, you need a company that’s ready to respond no matter what time of day.

Eastside Tree Works offers service 24 hours a day by an experienced crew who will arrive at your location ready and able to deal with the most challenging situations.

Customers are our priority

As a family owned business, we understand your concern for your family. This is why our team takes special precautions when working on your property.

Whether it’s a tree removal or a stump grinding, safety is important and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you’ll happy with the end results.

“I was extremely happy with Eastside Tree Works. They did a major pruning that included a lot of different kinds of trees -- conifers, deciduous trees, Japanese maples and more. They came when they said they would and the people they sent were extremely careful and well-trained.

They were sensitive about not ruining my trees and did not butcher them. They were very customer-focused . . . They made sure that they did everything I wanted and, if there was anything extra that I needed done, they did that, too.”

- Jan L., Medina

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