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Want to protect trees during construction?Eastside offers tree preservation services in Seattle.

tree preservation

You have beautiful trees surrounding your construction site or renovation project and want to protect and preserve them for the future.  That’s what tree preservation is all about-using preventative measures to protect a tree when you know damage may occur.

Whether it’s 1 tree or a grove of trees, our certified arborists will be able to assess the situation and develop the best course of action for you.  By taking the right steps at the beginning of your project, it’s possible to prevent or minimize any harm to the trees.

Tree preservation is comprised of several things:

  • Root pruning-cut out excess and fibrous roots for a healthier tree.
  • Protective fencing-keep away heavy equipment and traffic to prevent damage.
  • Pruning deadwood-removing any diseased or dying limbs to keep the tree healthy.
  • Installing mulch around the tree-prevents surface root damage and retain moisture.

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Have a tree that’s already damaged? A tree surgeon may be able to save it.

You may have a tree that’s diseased or has some broken branches and you’re wondering if it can be saved.  Only a certified arborist, sometimes called a tree surgeon, is qualified to answer that question.  There are many things to consider, such as the type and age of the tree and the extent of the damage.

A tree surgeon is an expert at treating damaged trees and the following are some of the techniques that may be used to extend the life of your tree.

  • Cabling/bracing: installs cables to brace heavy limbs to prevent collapse and increase structural integrity.
  • Pruning to remove diseased sections or limbs for healthier growth
  • Develop a tree care and ongoing maintenance program

“We had a huge project of trees to be removed, and were extremely pleased with how hard this company worked for us, they were on schedule, and were fairly priced. They went above and beyond what most tree companies have/would do for us. We would highly recommend East Side Tree works to anyone looking for tree service.”

- Julie G., Woodinville

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