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Seattle storm damage tree cleanup

storm damage tree removal

Emergency clean-up

Sometimes you can’t wait to have a tree removed, especially if it’s near live electrical lines.  It can also cause injury or further damage to your property so take advantage of our 24-hour emergency tree removal service.  Our crews specialize in removing dangerous trees in hazardous conditions anywhere in Seattle or the Eastside, from Bothell to Snoqualmie to Bellevue to Auburn.

storm damage tree removal services

On call 24/7

Day or night, we’ll come out and take your damaged tree off of your property so you don’t have to look at the unsightly mess.  You definitely want a professional for this job, as there may be dangerous conditions present and we’ll know exactly what precautions to take to keep everyone safe without causing further harm.

The areas of the home that were pierced are covered with a tarp to prevent any further water intrusion until the necessary repairs can be completed.

Expert team

Why call for emergency response?

Expert assessment - we offer no-obligation free estimates. Our experts will deem whether the structure of the tree is uncompromised and if there's no safety issue with keeping the tree intact, it may be possible to save the tree. 

  • Free no-obligation estimates

  • Competitive prices

  • Experienced crews

  • Fully licensed, bonded and insured

  • Follow strict ISA standards

  • Arrive with equipment to get start ASAP

  • Safety of everyone is our #1 priority

Safety is our #1 concern

If your fallen tree is blocking the road, near a downed power line or has damaged your house, it needs to be dealt with immediately by professionals. 

Our crews have over 150 years of combined experience of working in dangerous conditions and will do everything possible to prevent further damage while keeping you and your family safe during the process.

Storm Damage Response

In a situation like this, time is of the essence so we will quickly assess the situation and give you a free, no-obligation estimate before beginning any work. 

Our crew of tree professionals will arrive with all the right tools and equipment necessary to start work right away. Once done, we’ll clean up the area so things can return to normal as soon as possible.

Be proactive

Preventing storm damage

Did you know you can minimize your risk of storm damage by doing preventative tree maintenance? These services can include tree thinning, crown cleaning, crown reduction and structural pruning.

Routine tree care

By removing weak or dead branches and trimming small branches to lessen wind resistance, we can actually reduce the chance of trees toppling or large branches breaking from high winds during a storm. Visit our Tree Maintenance page to read more about how preventative pruning can save you headaches and money.

Is removal always necessary?

Sometimes tree trimming service may solve your problem. When there are fallen or broken branches, it’s sometimes hard to tell to what extent a tree has been damaged.  At first, you may think a tree needs removing when it really only needs trimming service to restore it to a healthy state.

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