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bellevue WA tree removalLocally owned and operated, Eastside Tree Works provides residential and commercial tree service to Bellevue Washington.

Whether you need pruning services, trees removed or a tree assessment, our experienced staff (including certified arborists) has over 100 years of experience in the tree industry and can handle any job.

May I remove trees from my Bellevue property?

Yes, as long as there are no restrictions on your property you can remove a tree, even several trees without a permit. If the tree removal results in over 1,000 sq. feet of disturbance of the ground, you are required to obtain a clearing and grading permit.

Restrictions that may prevent you from removing a tree

  • Your subdivision or PUD (Planned Unit Development) may prohibit removal
  • Your property contains a critical area, such as a steep slope, stream corridor or wetland, or if one is located adjacent to or near your property.
  • Your property is subject to private contracts, covenants or homeowner associations that may have other rules.

Special restrictions for R-1 zone in the Bridle Trails Subarea

To preserve their unique neighborhood, specific tree preservation requirements have been placed on the R-1 zone in Bridle Trails. These requirements are placed on “significant” trees, meaning any healthy tree 8 inches or greater in diameter, measured 4 feet above the ground and mostly affect the perimeter area of all property lines.

While a clearing and grading permit is required for the removal of any significant tree in the R-1 zone, you are allowed to remove up to 2 significant trees on a lot within a 3-year period without meeting the perimeter and interior tree retention requirements. When 8 or fewer trees remain on your property, you are required to replace any of the last 8 trees with an equal number of trees.

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Bellevue tree services

  • 24-hour emergency response
  • Hazardous tree removal
  • Crane tree removal
  • Fine pruning
  • Windsail reductions
  • Crown thinning/reduction
  • Deadwood removal
  • Thinning for light
  • Cabling/bracing
  • Brush cutting
  • Stump grinding
  • Hazard tree evaluations
  • Tree preservation
  • Certified arborists

Questions about compliance?

Contact the Land Use Information desk in Bellevue at 425-452-4188 to answer your questions and ensure compliance with current codes.

24 hour emergency service

With 24-hour emergency service available to Bellevue residents, we are standing by to help you with any unexpected tree problems.

Focusing on a fast response time to minimize your inconvenience, our crews specialize in storm damage response and hazardous tree removal.

We’ll arrive with all the equipment and tools needed to clear the debris as fast and safely as possible.

Reliable service

Our top priority is delivering quality service at competitive prices to all Bellevue homes and businesses.

Our crews will show up on time and work as efficiently as possible while taking all the necessary precautions for safety.

A written estimate will be given to you so you'll know the cost before any work is done.

“The crew was well coordinated, always on time and thorough in their work and clean-up. The foreman, Steve, was communicative throughout the whole process and kept us up to date on their progress. The removal of the trees was very impressive and they took great measures to be sure the crew and house were safe.

We are thankful for the quality work. The quote did not deviate in final costs and we would call them again.”

- Dawn B., Bellevue

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