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Wind traps

Did you know the tops of your trees can act as a wind trap? It happens quite often and the result may be a tree falling on your house or car, which can lead to extensive damage.

preventative tree maintenance

Stay ahead of problems

You can decrease your chances of a tree falling or large branch breaking during one of our famous NW storms if you contact Eastside Tree Works for preventative tree maintenance.

Plan ahead

Structural pruning for young trees

You don’t need to wait until trees are mature before you start tree maintenance. In fact, it’s important that structural pruning be a part of your tree maintenance from the beginning.

What’s tree maintenance?

Also called preventative maintenance, preventative pruning or structural pruning, it covers a range of tree thinning services such as crown cleaning or crown reduction and may include one or all of the following:

  • Removal of small branches to allow wind to pass through and sunlight to reach all branches
  • Trimming or removing weak, dead or decayed branches
  • Trimming to decrease surface area of lateral branches to lessen wind resistance

All the items above reduce the likelihood of branches breaking or a tree toppling in a storm or high wind situation. Trees are wondrous and built to adjust to most things but sometimes Mother Nature delivers a whopper they just can’t compensate for and that’s when damage occurs.

Do my trees pose a hazard?

Many people think there’s a connection between the size of a tree and the hazard it poses but it’s the health of the tree that factors into whether or not it may be a potential hazard.

So, like humans, trees need ongoing care to keep them healthy as a healthy tree is a strong tree. That means the right watering, mulching, fertilizing and pruning for its entire life.

Trimming trees to their natural shape makes them more structurally sound as they grow. If done regularly, they will be stronger when mature and have a higher chance of coming through a big storm unharmed.

Fine pruning expert

Eastside has an ISA Certified Arborist who specializes in fine pruning, Jordan Blonski. He knows the best methods to ensure your trees live a longer, healthier life.

experienced arborists

Trust the Eastside team's experience

Our certified arborist can examine the trees on your property to determine if there are any potential problems.

Certified arborist can spot problems

If we can identify issues like insect infestation or disease in the early stages, we can begin a treatment to fix it before the tree suffers irreversible damage.

Free no-obligation estimate

Don’t wait until the next big storm blows in, contact Eastside Tree to schedule your free estimate today. Our experienced crews would rather do preventative pruning than to clean up fallen branches after a storm.

Pruning signs

Eastside Tree Works has certified arborists to evaluate your trees and look for signs of potential problems and hazards. Anyone who has had a tree fall on their house will tell you that money invested in preventative pruning is worth it.

Dead wood

Dead wood is brittle and won’t bend like a living branch. It breaks easier so dead branches should be removed and any already broken should be removed ASAP.

Cracks in tree

A deep split in any tree is cause for alarm and should be examined by a tree expert to see if it extends through the bark and into the wood of the tree. If so, it’s a candidate for a future branch or tree failure.


With decay, it’s hard to verify the extent of the damage. Decay starts in the center of the tree and forms a cavity in the wood. While the inside may be hollow from decay, new wood is added to the outside of the tree as it grows.

Only an expert can evaluate if the outer part is strong and sound enough so the tree is safe to keep.

Poor tree composition

An example of this is a tree with a large branch that’s out of proportion with the rest of the tree, a tree that leans or one with a weak branch attachment (a narrow fork in the tree).

If you have any of these concerns, an arborist should inspect the tree to gauge potential risk.

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