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What Is Arborist TRAQ Credential?

An arborist TRAQ credential stands for Tree Risk Assessment Qualification and is an instructor-led course offered by the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture).  Tree professionals who complete the class and pass the accompanying exam prove they have a working knowledge of tree risk assessment.

From the fundamentals of a tree’s biology to learning a systematic process for evaluating tree risk, those who earn the TRAQ accreditation will be able to provide needed information to tree owners so they may make an informed decision.  

Arborist TRAQ Credential course

Based the ISA’s Tree Risk Assessment Manual, the comprehensive course covers these 9 areas.

Priorities of the TRAQ course

Overall, the purpose of this course is to promote the safety of people and property while enhancing a tree’s benefit, health, and longevity. 

Course consists of the following

This 2-day in-person course is a combination of lectures, discussions, small group activities, applied case studies and field activities.  The half-day exam is 2 parts.

Who can apply to the TRAQ course?

Not just anyone can apply to take the course.  Eligible applicants must have earned certain credentials. 

The most common are already having a TRAQ credential, ISA Board Certified Master Arborist, ISA Certified Arborist or a degree in arboriculture, urban forestry or horticulture from an accredited college or university.  Other credentials may qualify and you must provide documentation to prove eligibility.

TRAQ course prep

Once your application is approved, a confirmation packet is shipped 3 weeks before your course date. It includes the Tree Risk Assessment Manual, Tree Risk Assessment Workbook, Tree Risk Assessment Clipboard along with the date and time of your course.

It is each participant’s responsibility to study the manual and complete the workbook before attending the course.

Completion requirements

In addition to completing the course, you must also get a passing score of 75% on the written test and 80% on the performance-based exam.  Participants are notified by mail 6 weeks after the exam.

What the TRAQ credential represents

The ISA TRAQ credential is valid for 5 years.  To reinstate your qualification, you are required to take a one-day refresher course and exam, the TRAQ Renewal Course.  This includes 5 hours of instruction and 3 hours to complete the exam. 

To provide the best tree services to our Seattle, Snohomish and North Bend customers, Eastside Tree Works has many employees who have the arborist TRAQ credential.