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Greetings From Eastside Tree Works Staff

The Eastside Tree Works staff wants to welcome you to our new  blog!

We at Eastside Tree Works will be renewing our resolution to improving our service to the community through expert tree care. This care goes much further than just improving the health of your trees or safely removing the hazardous tree from your yard.

Tree education

This year we will be educating the public through a weekly blog that will discuss Arboriculture in the Pacific Northwest; which is the best place in the world to be in love with trees.

The trees that live around us are all part of a second growth forest, after a massive harvest over 80 years ago. What we live in now, is just the start of what these trees can become.

This forest has the potential to fully revitalize itself, and needs our help to remain healthy, and for the safety of our community and our homes. The Douglas fir is a great example of this potential; it can live longer than fifty generations of humankind and grow to over 350 feet.

When I imagine a tree that I have taken care of being passed down that far into our future, I know my work is more than just a career or a job – but is the highest fulfillment of our future potential. We definitely live in a tree paradise, where our environment only becomes greener in the winter.

ISA Certified Arborist

My name is Benjamin Gray, and I am an ISA Certified Arborist, Certified Tree Risk Assessor, Master Gardener and Watershed steward.

I have been working with trees and plants for the last decade and have found that it is much like the rabbit hole that Alice fell into; there is no end to the knowledge that we can find in this vast and interesting world of Arboriculture.

Love of trees

This is why I have put most of my focus into trees – as they have always struck me as noble forms of life that are worthy of study and admiration. I hope to impart to some of you the feeling I have when I see the tops of local Douglas Firs twist in the wind, relieving the pressure from the bulk of the tree.

I hope to educate you in susceptibilities that can cause such trees to fail in wind, as well as which trees are capable enough to withstand such a storm.

Please check back regularly, as I will be going over proper pruning techniques, highlighting common NW tree species (and which diseases they are susceptible to), current events in the world of growing things, and showcasing some of the more exciting and interesting tree projects here at Eastside Tree Works.

Feel free to contact the Eastside Tree Works staff with questions or call us for a consultation.