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What Does Line Clearance Certified Mean?

Line Clearance Certified is part of the ongoing training of Eastside Tree Works employees to safely provide customers in Seattle, the Eastside, Snohomish and North Bend with quality tree care.

This is why several of our certified arborists, foreman and tree experts have completed the necessary training to become Line Clearance Certified.

Who provides the training?

Our employees obtained their certification through ACRT Arborist Training.  The ACRT stands for Assessments, Consulting, Representation and Training.  Founded in 1985, the ACRT is the largest licensed arboriculture vocational training organization in the industry teaching top practices and safety standards.

Employee-owned, they provide training courses taught by experienced industry professionals.  Their goal is to make tree care safer for all workers in the industry.

ACRT course

This course is the only national line clearance certification program in the U.S. Once completed, it satisfies OSHA’s electrical safety training requirement for students.

A 5-day course with a minimum of 40 hours, it was developed specifically for tree workers whose person, tree or equipment comes within the 10’ safety zone around energized wires.  Once completed, our workers will be able to perform their jobs safely, which helps us and our customers.

Prerequisites for taking class

Employees needs to meet the following conditions before they qualify to even take the class.  It is not intended for people new to the industry as only those with experience under their belt should be working near power lines as it is more complicated.

Line clearance certified class

In addition to learning how to safely work near energized lines, the class covers an array of related topics. 

Requirements for passing

The training received goes beyond a written test.  Students are required to demonstrate various skills they will use on the job.  The combination of textbook and real-world practices makes the course even more effective.

What happens after completion of course?

After passing the line clearance certified class, individuals receive a 1-year Line Clearance Certification.  They also get the ACRT’s Line Clearance Arboriculture textbook, copy of the current ANSI Safety Standards along with a decal and ID card showing their line clearance training. 

ISA Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are provided if requested.   Eastside Tree Works places a high priority on ongoing education as it’s the best way to ensure we are providing customers with the highest quality tree care in the safest manner.