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Eastside Tree Works Blog

What Is Arborist TRAQ Credential?

Certified Arborists TRAQ credential stands for Tree Risk Assessment Qualification requiring extra training.

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Why Use Seattle Certified Arborists?

Choose a company with ISA Seattle Certified Arborists to guarantee you'll receive quality tree services.

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What Does Line Clearance Certified Mean?

Many Eastside Tree workers are Line Clearance Certified and can safely perform tree work near power lines.

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Home Fire Safety Tips

Home fire safety tips to reduce risk of being involved in a forest fire in Seattle, Snohomish or North Bend.

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Avoid Monocultures In Your Seattle Yard

Avoid monocultures (lack of biodiversity) in your Seattle yard as it can increase risk of pest infestations.

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Why Mulching Trees Is Vital

Mulching trees in your Seattle yard can help with many issues: runoff, evaporation, and soil compaction.

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