SDCI Registered Tree Service For Seattle

SDCI Registered Tree Service Provider for Seattle, Eastside is authorized to do tree work in the city.  Our registration number is LIC-TSP-1849. 

We want to specify that SDCI Registered Tree Service Provider statis only applies to people living within Seattle city limits. 

Why did City of Seattle pass new ruling?

Seattle is dedicated to protecting the urban canopy as trees provide many benefits, such as improving wildlife habitats, neighborhood livability and overall improved public health.

To that end, the Seattle City Council passed a bill on April 5, 2022 that all tree service providers must register to conduct business in Seattle.  The Seattle Department of Construction and Inspection (SDCI) launched tree service registry with public access on Aug. 26th

Residents can now select a company from an online directory of registered providers to do work on their private property. Choosing from this database assures they are getting a company that follows best practices and knows all the tree-related regulations for doing work in their neighborhood.

New bill requires 2 things

  1. Tree service providers must register with the City of Seattle before conducting commercial tree work and consults on private property.
  2. After Nov. 10, 2022 property owners must post a public notice on-site 3 days before any tree work beyond routine maintenance.

Companies who fail to register will not be permitted to do work in Seattle and may face financial penalties if they do conduct work without approved registration. 

Please note: SDCI tree service provider registry covers work on private property and is different from the SDOT tree service provider registry that governs work in the public right-of-way.  Companies register for each one separately.

‘Tree work beyond routine maintenance’ defined

What Seattle property owners need to know

Starting Nov. 11, 2022, you must hire a company who is a SDCI Registered Tree Service Provider to complete any work.  Luckily, the public registry was created so that you could easily find a company.

Also starting that same date, you’re required to post a public notice at least 3 days before starting work if doing any major pruning or tree removal (as defined above) on your property. You don’t need a post a notice if only doing routine pruning or tree maintenance.

Tree protection regulations

All registered providers must agree to follow the tree code (SMC 25.11), Director’s Rule 16-2008, and the ANSI A300 Standards for tree care.  Providers not following the code may be removed from the registry for one year.

The property owner and tree service provider may face financial penalties if they violate the tree code.  In addition, companies receiving two violation notices will not be eligible to do business in Seattle.

Eastside fulfilled these requirements

To become a Registered Provider, Eastside Tree Works had to complete the online Registry application and provide the following documentation.

Eastside is also a SDOT Registered Tree Service Provider which means they are authorized to do all tree work in the public right-of-way.

Free estimates for Seattle

If you live within Seattle city limits and need a SDCI Registered Tree Service Provider for tree work, contact Eastside Tree Works to schedule your no-obligation free estimate.