Jory Cuttitte
Sep 10, 2018

When we remove trees, its for a good reason!


Whenever possible, our goal is always to maintain, preserve, and improve our northwest trees. Whenever a removal is performed, it is for a good reason, and we encourage and often perform replanting in these situations.

We tend to post many of our tree removal pictures, as it showcases the heavy equipment, climber and operator skill, and is very impressive to watch from afar. When pruning and maintaining mature Firs, Hemlocks, Maples, Cedars – often times it is impossible to get decent pictures or videos of the climbers in the trees, as they are surrounded by material.

In our everyday operations, the majority of our projects are pruning for the safety, health, and beauty of our northwest trees. Along with our project managers, we employ certified arborist on our crews, as well as fine pruning experts – and train all of our crew members on proper pruning practices. Pruning is a delicate and skillful art that we have always considered a high priority in the way we choose our gear, our hiring practices, and our crew member development.

Pruning a large northwest tree is a delicate process you only want to trust to a professional. When we prune for safety and health, this often times includes; removing deadwood, removing dead dying and diseased branches, branches crossing through the middle or rubbing, branches with weak unions, etc – while still maintaining the natural shape and look of our native mature trees. Over-pruning a large mature tree is a poor practice, as it often times creates more issues to the tree than it improves.

When we need to have a tree removed, we specialize in low-impact removals. Our skilled climbers, equipment operators, and grounds crew are experts in getting large trees down with little or no-impact to the surrounding landscape. This process does come at a cost of time, but greatly alleviates the headaches and additional work to the surrounding landscape after a traditional removal.

Where there is always a time and situation for higher impact removals, we pride ourselves in our ability to remove big, dead, or hazardous trees – with minimal impact to your landscape… and despite the pictures, pruning our northwest trees is our specialty!